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Little Stars– Art Department Assist 

 Production Designer: Annika Rigg

              Director: Izzi Harris

              Producer: Caitlin Devos

Descent– Props Buyer, Standby Props       

 Production Designer: Alfonso Coronel

 Haven't You Done Well Productions

              Director: Liam Fitzgibbon

              Producer: Monique Mulcahy


Augie & Celeste – Art Department Assist    

              Director: Pernell Marsden


Light Can't Escape - Art Department Assist  

              Director: Tim Sharp

 Producer: Cecilia Low

Belloe – Production Design    

 Cosmic Scream

              Director: Jayden Rathsam Hua

              Producer: Hugo & Henry Koehne

Catching Up With Lee – Production Designer

              Director: William Thaxter

              Producer: Laura Groombridge


Written By Wolves, Goddess MV – Art Department Assist        

 Production Designer: Annika Rigg

 Visible Studios

              Director: Nick Kozakis

              Producer: Tim Whiting, Todd Farley, Lauren Simpson


The Missing – Production Design

              Writer/Director/Producer: Jenna Cosgrove

Videoland – Art Department Assist

             Production Designer: Shannon Biviano

 Pikelet Pictures

 Director: Jess Smith

              Producer: Scarlett Koehne


Clown – Set Dresser 

              Production Designer: Tiffany Dias

              Director: Aarushi Chowdhury

              Producer: Adrian Ortega



Signal – Assist Props Buyer 

              Production Designer: Samantha Gan

 Porkstore Productions

 Director: Hamish MacGregor

              Producer: Sophie Booth


Still – Set Design & Dressing

              Director: Cornelius Marco

              Producer: Adrian Dias


Ballad – Production Design, Set Dresser, Runner

              Director: Roe Bonnici

              Producer: Laura Jane Turner


Of What Shall Bring – Production Design, Set Dresser

              Director: Fanka Queensyilla

              Producer: Fanka Queensyilla & Mckenzie Hilditch


Alma – Production Design, Set Construction, Set Dresser

              Director: Marina Slomp Albertini

              Producer: Jake Lean


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