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A more detailed look at some of the props and projects I have worked on.

Freddy Kruger Mask

Clown: Prop was set dressing for a young childs room who had an obsession with all things horror.

Creepy Doll

Clown: Used as set dressing for a horror obsessed childs bedroom. This prop was an upcycle and received fresh makeup, wig restyle/tone, garment dye and repair.

Photography Section

Alma: This was a section within the set I constructed and dressed.

Paint Spills

Alma: These were used throughout the painting section of the set and allowed us to have paint spills we could move easily.

Nature/Reading Section

Alma: This was a section within the set I constructed and dressed.

Sad Couch

Signal: I aged this couch to make it look as though it had been doing it rough on the street for years.

Police Baton

Ballad: This was used as a police officers baton in this period film.

Holy Bible

Ballad: This prop was an upcycle that I aged with the 'Holy Bible' lettering hand painted by yours truly.

First Aid Kit

Ballad: This was part of the period accurate First Aid supplies for this short film.

Vinyl Record

Of What Shall Bring: This hero prop required a worn down and aged look to it.

Negative Wall

Still: This was the space where the character within this film focused their passion for photography.

Aged Locker

Videoland: I was responsible for adding the aged detailing to this to give the locker the appearance that it had been used and abused by countless staff for years.

Fake VHS Covers

Videoland: Set in a suburban video store in the late 90's, I designed fake Horror and Thriller VHS covers to line the shelves throughout the store.

Friendship Bracelets

Videoland: Created as costuming add on's these were also used as set decoration for the counter at the video store.

Sign painting

Videoland: Pink backgrounds painted on the display boards to bring the store in line with the colour scheme outlined by the Production Designer Shannon Biviano.

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