Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sourdough Whole Wheat Tortillas

I just cannot bring myself to buy tortillas from the store.  Homemade tortillas only take 3 ingredients in addition to water:  whole wheat flour, light tasting olive oil and a bit of salt.   I make them with my rye sourdough starter, so that makes 4 ingredients.  A natural sourdough starter makes bread healthier and more digestible and is an added source of probiotics, and I think they are easier to roll out.  They do take time to roll out and cook on a cast iron griddle or “comal”.  I listen to music or watch a movie…making tortillas is a job that keeps you right there by the kitchen counter and stove.  I start with my rye sourdough starter.  If you can refresh and start the dough a couple of days earlier, even better.  After refreshing the starter with rye flour. I return some starter to the refrigerator and  I take about 1/2 cup starter add water to about the 2 cup line and add whole wheat flour to make a batter that is a bit thicker than pancake batter.  Two cups of batter will make about 18 or so medium/small tortillas.  If you want to make more tortillas, later in the day add more water and whole wheat flour.  I mark my the outside of my measuring bowl at the 2 cup and 3 cup line.  It makes it easier to read.  Later a few hours before cooking the tortillas add salt, oil and more flour.  Use dough hook or Cuisinart to knead until stretchy.  Let dough rest for a couple of hours or more.  This is my recipe formula:  For each cup of starter I use a scant 1/2 teaspoon of good salt and 1 tablespoon oil.  So for say, 3 cups of starter, I would use a scant 1 1/2 teaspoon salt and 3 tablespoons of oil and as much flour as needed. 
Ready to start
Divide dough into sections, keeping the rest of the dough in a covered bowl while you work out each section.  Flatten out walnut size portions into rounds. To help keep the round shape, pinch and flatten the balls into small rounds.  Roll out as many as you have space for on your counter.  Sometimes I have to turn off the griddle and catch up with the rolling out of the tortillas.
Cook one side when it starts to bubble turn over.  Use a press cloth to create bubble-space. This is how it looks after cooking on one side.
This tortilla will be tender and light.  Remove tortillas onto a cloth.  After they are all cooked and cool,  I keep them wrapped with the cloth and place them in a large plastic bag. You don’t want them to dry out.  After they cool I keep them in the refrigerator or freeze them.  These are so good!  Reheat on a griddle or in the microwave.  If you make them you will see why you will never want to buy them again.



  1. I keep saying I'm going to make tortillas, but never do! I really should though, especially as I have a sourdough barm in the fridge. Yours turned out great!

    1. Hi Clare - I'm sure your tortillas will come out delicious! Thanks for visiting. We still out snow covered, but I am dreaming of spring!